05 October 2009

First snow...and I can't sleep

It's snowing! I love the first snow of the season. On Saturday the snow melted, but tonight it's settling on the green grass and golden leaves of our garden. Pure. White. Simply beautiful.

I cannot sleep. I spoke to my mom a couple of hours ago ... and there are many things on my mind in this moment.

Back to bed, to my sweetly sleeping spouse and to the comfort of a God who knows the answers to questions I haven't dared to ask.

03 October 2009

My mother's voice

I just spoke to my mom after returning from a gorgeous Calgary wedding (which Robin photographed). Her voice has never sounded sweeter. She’s still in hospital—she’s been in ICU for a while now—but our conversation was coherent, all things considered (including the lateness of the hour here!). I told her it snowed on our way home ... our first snow of the season.