14 November 2009


Watch this space for news of today's convention at the Telus Centre in downtown Calgary. There are harder ways to spend a Saturday than in the company of beautiful women.

(I do this to remind myself to post something!)

still trudging through molasses
but even this part of the journey is sweet
(albeit somewhat s-l-o-w)

11 November 2009

09 November 2009

Monday at home

Mondays are my quiet days.

Usually I spend the day away from home (so as to avoid the phone, computer and front door bell), but sometimes the reality of work spills over into the silent spaces of my week. I write from home, I edit (when absolutely necessary), I do a spot of domestic engineering (see previous parentheses), I bake, I nap. Mostly, Mondays are non-people days.

Today I finished writing an article for the Nov/Dec edition of a magazine. My editor is far too gracious and her sweet spirit ensures my sanity, month after month. Sometimes I get to write two articles, just for fun. :) These deadlines--"coming ready or not"--keep me focused on writing; I tend to drift away from the page out of sheer laziness, but when I'm here, doing what I love, I'm most at peace.

I am thankful for the opportunities that come my way. And I meet fascinating folk!

(Note to self: write about all the beautiful people you've interviewed in the past two years.)

Milk and cookies

02 November 2009

Overboard: A Kaleidoscope of Kindness

As I wrote to several e-mail Readers yesterday, let me know if you'd like to read my Nov 1 CBC entry.

Titles only

I'm still so far behind in my work since we went away for Reading Week that all I'm blogging are the titles!

However, I have managed to stay up to date with teaching and editing deadlines (those are less flexible than my own writing, alas).

As yesterday's title shows, I also managed to meet the Nov 1 CBC literary awards entry deadline ... by the skin of my teeth.

Nov 1 deadline met